COVID-19 UPDATE: As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, work has slowed to a crawl, and I don’t anticipate any brand new projects in the coming months. You are always free to contact me with a portfolio, but there likely will be no new work for some time.


I often bring in other conlangers on the projects I do for film and television. In these instances, I work with others on a freelance basis, and the positions are paid (for each individual project). If you would like to be considered for one of these positions, please let me know! You do not need to be local, but you must have conlanging experience.

To apply, please send your conlanging portfolio (or a link to it) to There is no exact requirement for a conlanging portfolio, but these are the types of things I’m looking for:

  • A full reference grammar and dictionary of at least one conlang (more is better).
  • Relevant experience (i.e. if the project requires a naturalistic conlang, I’d like to see your experience creating a naturalistic conlang. Same with an alien language, a magical language, an auxlang, etc.).
  • Varied work (ability to adapt to different conlang types).
  • Quality work (I want to see your thinking behind the choices you made).
  • Ability to explain and present your work effectively and thoroughly.
  • Flexibility and efficiency (a prerequisite for working in entertainment).

Feel free to send actual documentation (any file type, but be aware I may not have a font required by your document, so .pdf is always the safest bet), or send links to documentation (e.g. Google Docs, Dropbox, or write-ups on places like FrathWiki). Feel free to mention any background in linguistics or entertainment you may have, but your conlang work will be the most important factor.

Please keep an eye on my Twitter feed to find out about projects and timelines in real time.